"Arundel's Got Talent - 2012"
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Performing on the Jubilee Gardens Stage, Arundel

In the run up to the Arundel Festival, the quartet was involved in the heats of the "Arundel's Got Talent" competion. Appearing at "The Eagle" and then later in the "Victoria Institute" we secured our place in the final, to be held on the last day of the Festival.

The final, judged by a line up of local celebrities that included: Nick Herbert - MP, Michael Tu (Mayor of Arundel) and Ginger Gilmour (link), was held on the Jubilee Gardens stage. With a high standard having been set by the fellow competitors, the quartet took to the stage as the last act of the final. The audience gave superb support to all of the acts, ours included. Feedback from the judges was very positive showing that they had enjoyed our performance. However, the first prize went to "Debbie", a lady Jazz singer from Portsmouth, whose soulful performance had clearly won the judges favour.

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