"Putting on the Style"
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The quartet sporting their new waistcoats

Presenting themselves in the traditional way, the members of the quartet wore waistcoats for its debut performance. The smart turn out was repeated for other early performances, each time being well received by the audience. Having experimented with a variety of other outfits for different types of occasion, it has become clear that the original "look" is very popular with some of our clients. Bearing this in mind and having a desire to present a clearly recognisable identity, the decision was made to commision a tailor to make what they hope you will agree are striking, matching waistcoats, including the swallow of Arundel in the design.

Auryn Jones a costume maker based in Lancing was highly recommended as someone with the necessary skills to carry out the work for us. He was consequently commissioned to make the waistcoats - the results of his excellent work can be seen in the photo above.

Should you be interested in contacting Auryn to employ his services, he may be contacted via the following e-mail address: - aurynjones@yahoo.com

If you wish to know more about the quartet or enquire about bookings, click here.

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